Style inspo – Feb -15

image“The Hat”

I love these hats and the great thing is they can be bought from almost every fashion retailer this season.

My top pick is $39.95


“The Denim”

The Boyfriend Jeans – ahh whats not to love they are slouchy and yet so super chic.
Roll up the ankles for a summer vibe with a loose singlet and wolla perfect!

My top pick – $89.95


“The purse”

Shop Mimco’s entire lifestyle including: The Latest, Bags, Jewellery, Wallets, Shoes, and Accessories
My top pick Safarium Pouch – $79.95

Shop now at


“The Heel”

Senso style is inspired by the classic yet obsure, whilst still firmly staying true to the brands roots of effortless fashion ease.

My new top pick – Riley IV ice $275.00

Shop Senso –


“The Pants”

Everything is striped this season and it doesn’t matter how your wearing them as long as its black on white or white on black!!

My top pick – Cameo Real talk pant $169.00 

Shop Cameo –


“The Bustier” 

Bustiers & crops have been the hottest thing this season by almost majority of my favourte brands. I may even be guilty of buying two almost identical bustiers because i was so torn between the two that i just could not choose; but lets just keep that between us!

Top pick this month is the Cameo – Department Bustier 

Shop this beauty at


“The Coat/Jacket” 

It may still be quite hot outside but minimalistic clothing isn’t always about minimal clothing.

There is a form of art in layering clothing and this white lengthy look is my favourite go to this month.

My top pick – Cameo Hideaway Blazer $218.05 


“The Undies & Bralets” 

Fun, Flirty, and cheeky cut undies perfect for the warmer month of February.

These sets come in loads of different colours and styles.

“The material is so silky and light”

Natalie Oh underwear represents beauty, individuality & femininity.

My pick – Natalie Oh – 


“The Slip On”

Call me lazy but nothing is more easier than slipping on a fab pair of slip ons and lets be honest we will wear our fav slip ons till there is nothing left of them. Time for your next pair to fall in love with?

My top pick – SOL SANA 



“The accessories” 

Shells are all the go at the moment! From shell bags, clutches and even chocker necklaces.

This particular one is an absolute love of mine. Lots more styles and accessories in store.

Only find the best accessories @ or pop in 61F Jetty Rd, Glenelg.


“The Sandle Shoe” 

Knee high gladiator sandals $189.00


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