Trending Minimalism


Magazines such as VOGUE demonstrate trending fashion trends seasonally.
Inspired by economic trends, global trends, high fashion trends down to your very own street style.

One of my favioute trends is Minimalism.

The Minimalist*

So within saying less is best, the style generates though simplicity fashion approach methods using bold blacks and whites and strong textures and patterns.


Through reading, observing,  researching and interpreting art as a scale of fashion; I come to help explain my take on minimalism.


1.     Impersonal Austerity
2.     Anti-figurative forms
3.     Democratic/Accessible

Impersonal Austerity:

Impersonal: featureless, anonymous
Austerity: extreme plainness and simplicity

Simplicity often begins from simple lines and geometric shapes.

Some designers may produce an entire collection based on two or three repetitive designs and shapes.


Anti-figurative forms

Being one of my favioute minimalism counter blocks, Minimalist fashion designs do not represent a woman so to speak or a mans shape.
It is simply and mostly gender free.

For example:


Removing the idea of a ‘figure’ in terms of gender and human form from clothing allows there to be no gender distinction and move away from the sexuality often used in western clothing.



Genderless, weightless and ageless clothing.

Reduction of clothing otherwise known as deform is democratic in the sense that you are stripping a design down to its key elements to hold the piece of clothing together.


Minimalism can be expressed through different forms of clothing. I have noticed a huge bounce of fashion take back deriving from the 90’s era of art and culture.
The french woman with the oh so chick suited pants with a latte in hand, the middle part and the blunt hair cut all have a pinch of sugar and spice on Minimalism.


Leading designers such as CAMEO The Label have stolen my heart with there geometric, almost fierce yet awkward minimalist designs have stolen my heart.

Photos complements of and


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